Hearing Aid Services

NextGenPro_Family_AS_RGBHearing loss is not what it used to be.
Hearing aids have certainly changed since we first opened in 1967. Just a few years ago hearing aids were big and bulky. Not anymore. Research shows that hearing loss can strike anyone at any age. Today’s hearing aids are quite sophisticated and can make a world of difference for you. They can help you understand speech more clearly with high fidelity sound and can connect wirelessly with other devices such as mobile phones. Because today’s hearing aids are virtually invisible when worn in the ear, an untreated hearing loss often is more noticeable.Moxi Kiss_Ring_AS
We have the latest technologies and a variety of styles to fit your needs, including wireless. Now you can connect your mobile phone to your hearing aids and have hands-free talking. You can also connect your hearing aids wirelessly to your television, and hear at a level comfortable for you. There are also wireless microphones available to use in groups.

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Almost all of our hearing aids have a three year warranty. We offer a full 45 day trial period so you can try them in real situations. We offer Flextrial on several devices, so you can try before you buy.
Just as important you are served by Audiologists who are Doctors of Audiology. Our two Audiologists have a combined experience of over 40 years. Their goal is to make sure you are hearing the best you can and are satisfied with the results.


 Call our office nearest you to setup an appointment for a hearing evaluation
 We will determine your level of hearing loss
 We discuss your options depending on your wants and needs
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