Hearing Services

  • newborn smHere at Anderson-Oconee Speech & Hearing, we work diligently to counteract the ongoing dilemmas surrounding hearing loss. We provide follow-up services for newborns referred to us from hospital screenings, and work to achieve success in just six months. We are the only agency in Anderson County that serves hearing and speech impairments in the same center to children.  We continuously consult physicians regarding medical involvement and school administration to address the needs of the child in the classroom.

    Communication is the basis of our world – we must work to preserve it!


    In an era where communication is essential to achieving success in all aspects of our lives, hearing loss resides as the #1 birth defect in newborns. In fact, nationally 1 in every 22 infants born experiences some degree of hearing loss while 1:1,000 cases are severe. According to recent studies, about 4,360 children under the age of 18 suffers from hearing deficits, while 3,938 of these cases appear to have significant impacts educationally. Although these hearing problems generally inhibit the abilities of students in their studies of reading and mathematics, the impact transfers to all aspects of the students academic experience. These students are found to achieve 1-4 grade levels lower than unaffected peers, and the gap in academic achievement is only expected to widen as the child progresses through school.

  • If it is determined that a hearing aid is needed for a child we refer parents to a program Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) to apply for assistance with hearing aids.  The contact phone number for this program is 864-372-3064.  An application will need to be filled out and they will assist you with any other requirements for this program.


    Like with children, the vast need for adult assistance in regard to speech and hearing difficulties cannot be over looked. As our population grows increasingly older, and our expected life time continues to increase, we must realize hearing loss is the 3rd most common chronic condition in the older population and is not slowing down. In Anderson County alone, 13,125 people above the age of 65 suffer some degree of hearing loss, while 19,950 people between the ages of 18 & 64 experience speech, language and/or hearing problems.

    We offer services in cooperation with Vocational Rehabilitation to improve vocational viability.

    An ounce of prevention is really worth more than a pound of cure!

    Hearing Programs


    Hear Now is a national non-profit program committed to assisting deaf and hard-of-hearing persons with limited financial resources who permanently reside within the United States. The work of Hear Now is supported through the contributions of many benefactors. We receive no government funding. All donations  money, time, hearing aids  allow the program to survive and give the gift of hearing domestically.

    Hear Now collects hearing aids for recycling purposes. Any make or model, regardless of age, can be donated to the hearing aid recycling program. All donations are tax deductible and a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to all identified donors.

    If you wish to donate a salvaged hearing aid or other assistive device, please securely package the donation and mail to:

    Hear Now
    6700 Washington Avenue South
    Eden Prairie, MN 55344

    **Please call the Hear Now program to see if you qualify before inquiring about an application.**


    SAFEEars!…to hear the future

    In 2003, SAFEEars! became Sertoma’s National Service Project. More than 115 Sertoma clubs participated in the first year, and today there are over 200 clubs participating. Clubs participate by giving away kits at health fairs, talking to elementary schools, giving hearing screenings, and more.

    The annual SAFEears!  Program is conducted by the Anderson-Oconee Clinic with help from Sertoma volunteers. In May, which is National Better Hearing and Speech Month, the clinic gives free screenings, education, and donated earplugs to people in the area at malls and other public places.

    SAFEEars! was developed as a way to spread information about how to protect your hearing. According to Dr. Dick Brandon, director of Anderson-Oconee Speech and Hearing, Noise pollution is the Number One cause of hearing loss in adults. We reach over 10,000 people each year and help them understand how to better protect their hearing.

    For more information, visit Sertoma SAFEears! webpage


  • If you reside in the state of SC and are deaf or hard of hearing you qualify for an amplified telephone or other products that help you live life more comfortably.  Visit http://www.scedp.org to receive information.